Monday, August 4, 2014

Growing Pumpkins & Squash

These are the pumpkins we are growing this year! 

Butternut Squash

We are also growing some winter squash in the pumpkin garden. We have four varieties this year. They are butternut, sweet dumpling, cushaw and Hopi Black squash. All winter squash seeds are good for roasting and eating, as are the pumpkin seeds! 

Sweet Dumpling Squash
We plan to sell the Halloween pumpkins in the fall and to roast the seeds. The squash seeds can also be roasted and eaten in the same manner. We will be saving and drying some of our own seed for planting next year, as well. 

Squash can replace pumpkin in most recipes and many people like it better. We will post some great squash recipes when they are all ripe in the fall. 

Cushaw Squash

In addition to the pumpkins and squash in our garden, we are also growing some heirloom tomatoes which you can see in some of the photos. Unfortunately, some of the tomatoes were planted a bit too close to the pumpkins...

Buried Overgrown Tomatoes

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